Roundwood Park

Roundwood Park. Notes on its history by Cliff Wadsworth - £2


Waterways of Brent - book on local history The Waterways of Brent
by Cliff Wadsworth - £3.00 (paperback)
Roundwood Park, with its magificent floral displays and a variety of attractions, is a favourite place for many Willesden residents. This publication will tell you about the Park's long and remarkable history: before the Park was built, the Park's construction, the opening ceremony, evetns and atractions, the cafe. It also contains a listing of sources and curious financial information relating to the construction and running of the Park in its early days. Brent is not famous for its waterways, yet, in varying degrees, they have been important to the development and prosperity of the area. Today, they reveal a wealth of historical information, and many a pleasant walk may still be enjoyed along their banks.

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